About the Theme

Balzac is a new, fluid & responsive theme for Jekyll (and AnchorCMS). It's gloriously beautiful and suited to long form. Built on a SCSS foundation, it's organized and awesome.

This is built on Semantic.gs grid framework which I edited a bit to make it fluid. I hope you enjoy using, forking, whatevering this theme as much as I did making it.


  • flexible, uses max-width for responsive goodness
  • responsive drop down menu
  • retina images using @2x
  • post loop in the footer showing 3 latest post
  • custom portfolio page for case studies


I utilized my own HTML templates, but had no prior knowledge of liquid nor the required Jekyll system file format. I took Michael Rose’s theme Minimal Mistakes. Having a prebuilt archive and the YAML front-matter already set up was a great help.

The lovely font shown here is Calendas. For full splendor on your blog, I suggest you head over and buy that. The full family is 3 weights and costs $3. Many thanks to Daniel Bruce for the wonderful Entypo icons. Those can be picked up at entypo.com, but are included with the source files. It’s also retina ready via retina.js. Check out how that works over at retinajs.com.

The Name

Balzac was a famous writer, known for his beautiful prose. I read some Balzac in school, but mostly feel comfort in the name of my favorite coffee shop in Stratford, Ontario.